Ok, I've been getting a ton of hits from various internet search engines by people searching for things like "Sharon Reed", or "Sharon Reed Video", or "Naked Newscaster" etc. If you are one of these people, then this is for you:

The story about Sharon Reed appeared as a news item on the front page of this web site for about one day, and then it scrolled off and was replaced by other stories. It just so happened that, on the one day that the story appeared, a number of searched engines indexed my site. So, the term "Sharon Reed", and other terms related to it, ended up in the catalogs of a number of internet search engines. And, until they once again index this site, it will remain there, and people will keep coming here looking for Sharon Reed related material. Well, there isn't any... at least there wasn't any until today. Just as a courtesy, I'm going to post, on this page, a few links that I found. Maybe they will help you in your search.

..but come on people! All she did was take off her clothes on T. V. what's the big deal? Have you not seen a naked woman before? You can see millions of them in the internet! I guess I just don't understand what's so special about the fact that this woman took her clothes off on T.V. A naked woman is a naked woman. I'm getting a TON of hits from people searching for this.


There's a little video montage available at:

Photos here: http://www.exigi.com/fltv/index.php?p=364

The entire Sharon Reed video is here:


"TV Anchorwoman Sharon Reed Appears Nude On Newscast"

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